The BMW Motorrad E-Scooter is a Conscious Commuter Option

The BMW Motorrad E Scooter is an innovation for the conscious consumer of luxury goods. According to If It's Hip It's Here, "the innovative concept car is an all electric, but powerful scooter, that seats two. The future-oriented concept vehicle has a battery that can be charged in less than three hours in a common household outlet." The bike is a part of an effort on behalf of the high-end auto brand to design more unprecedented alternatives for the increasing population of commuters.

Exploring the changing face of urban transportation and need for space-saving private transportation, the BMW E-Scooter is one-of-a-kind in its capabilities and appearance. While purely electrically powered scooters are nothing new, they are generally used for small-city transport on account of their limited range and performance. The BMW electro scooter on the other hand, offers the option of limited size and weight, but achieves a range of 100km and can run the top speed required on city highways!

Implications - In an increasingly eco-conscious world, luxury goods and environmentally friendly ones have not been closely tied, but companies producing these high-priced luxuries are recognizing the growing demand for eco-conscious products as environmental awareness develops.