Fashion Photogs Want Naughty and Nice

 - Jan 3, 2009
References: fashionising
Fashionising makes a case for more naughty ads and editorials in 2009. Photographers like Terry Richardson would previously have been considered smut or too racy by established photo editors, but now skin prevails in many magazines.

While it wasn’t the Web that made skin so popular in mainstream magazines, it sure didn’t hurt, espouses Fashionising. What other generations viewed as racy or sexy has now become mainstream because community standards have changed. Terry Richardson and Mario Testino can do photo shoots for fashion magazines that have very little to do with fashion and a lot to do with selling magazines and creating buzz.

Fashionising contends that naughtiness is so mainstream that fashion labels don’t need to be subtle anymore or even classy to promote their fashions or lifestyle products. From Tom Ford to American Apparel, advertising and editorials will be getting more racy in 2009.