Tory Fair's Sculptures Have Flower-Clad Nudes in Sorrowful Poses

 - May 25, 2011
References: toryfair & sweet-station
Tory Fair's always had a penchant for making awe-inspiring sculptures, but in her latest collection, she sets out to confuse just as much as she exhilarates viewers.

Seen here is a myriad of nude women covered in various flora. A lesser artist would simply try to capture the beauty of nature and the womanly form and call it a day, but what's unique about these Tory Fair sculptures is that all the women sculptures are in mournful poses with their faces hidden. The stark contrast between the expected representation of beauty being confident is offset by the women's seemingly insecure poses; it really makes onlookers contemplate whether vanity is empowering or crippling.

You can check out even more awesome Tory Fair sculptures in various museums and on her website.