Eibatova Karina Blends Fantasy and Phantasmagia in Her Art

 - Aug 2, 2011
References: behance.net & booooooom
It doesn't take much investigation in Eibatova Karina's portfolio to see that she is an artist with a unique vision. Eibatova Karina's artwork features a deft blend of surrealist elements, psychedelia, and phantasmagoria to create the kind of distinctive aesthetic that artists spend years trying to cultivate.

Eibatova Karina is a Russian artist from St. Petersburg who specializes in drawing, illustrations, video, wall, and typographic art, all of which are evident in her selected portfolio, a portfolio which reveals a multi-talented and versatile artist equally adept at colorful surrealist explorations and staid comedic creations.

My favorite illustrations in the Eibatova Karina portfolio feature the artist exploring her comedic side. Her drawing of a nose connected to a bunch of flowers is a physical representation of the delicate sensation of smell. It brings the viewer into the illustration by tickling their inner-florist and reminding you off the wonders of nature.

With an eye for the avant-garde and an extremely distinctive aesthetic, do not be surprised of you see Eibatova Karina's work moving from smaller magazines and online publications to major ad campaigns in the near future. I smell a winner.