Illustrations by Marina Etc are Dream-Like

 - Jun 12, 2012
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The surrealism and bizarre subject matter seen in Illustrations by Marina Etc, also known as Marina Todorova, are breathtakingly jarring. Bulgarian-born artist Todorova gains inspiration and concepts for her illustrations and artworks from the supernatural, from mythical creatures and from the unnatural and natural wonders that walk the Earth.

Her pieces possess technique, subject matter and story-telling abilities similar to those used by First Nations and Aboriginal artists. Through these surrealist works, Todorova attempts to capture and creatively visualize the strange and fantastic dreams that our minds tend to create. These paintings are extremely easy to get lost in and that is the major reason they are so appealing -- one can continuously look at the same painting and see something new every time.

Marina Todorova's paintings convey a feelings of wonderment, fantasy and uncertainty that adds to them a unique and interesting quality. The Illustrations by Marina Etc will provoke your thoughts, your dreams and your imagination.