The Feminist Parody Makeup YouTube Video Spoofs Gender Roles

 - Jun 22, 2013
References: youtube
All those in search of a good laugh, check out Tadelesmith's makeup YouTube parody on how feminists should apply their everyday makeup for the "next time [they] come into a contact with a misogynous." With YouTuber Tadelesmith's casually sarcastic tone and humor-packed stereotypical gender references, this makeup tutorial teaches you how to apply a chic pin-up girl look while satirizing the society's misconstrued feminist stereotypes.

As Tadelesmith goes through applying flawless foundation, winged black eyeliner look and a bright red lip, she inserts hilarious voice-over narrative comments that poke fun at conventional feminist stereotypes. From assuming that feminists despise men, patriarchal power and advocate ultimate girl power, Tadelesmith says quirky things like "we want everyone to know you're the head b*tch in charge, so we're going to be using a powerful red lipstick" and "you can add a hot glossy sheen as a final kick to the balls."