From Anime Beauty Tutorials to Satirical Makeup PSAs

 - Jun 3, 2015
Whether helping fans achieve a celeb-inspired look or addressing serious social issues, these makeup tutorials include Anime beauty DIYs to satirical makeup PSAs that address issues like feminism and domestic violence.

On the whimsical side of things, Sephora beauty blogger Helen Phillips is known for her spot-on celeb beauty tutorials. Her understated Halloween costumes reference pop culture while her spooky makeup tutorials illustrate her immense, artistic talents. In addition to beauty blogger and YouTube stars who reference pop culture -- think Kandee Johnson's Kylie Jenner makeup tutorial and YouTube User ShamelessMaya's X-Men beauty transformations -- this list also zones in on satirical tutorials that are lead by some of the video platform's most influential stars.

While comedian Megan MacKay touches on domestic violence in the sports industry, YouTube user IISuperwomanII suggests that beauty is skin-deep with her inspiring cosmetic tutorial.