The Latest Hunger Games Makeup Tutorial is Catching Fire

 - Dec 2, 2013
References: & nymag
YouTube user ‘VintageorTacky’ has created a Hunger Games Makeup Tutorial inspired by the release of the second film in the trilogy, Catching Fire. The look takes into account Katniss Everdeen’s title as "the girl who was on fire" by providing a fiery color palette.

As for the "Mockingjay" side of things, it refers to a genetically engineered hybrid bird created by the Capitol, that are able to perfectly mimic any tune. The mockingjay later becomes a symbol of rebellion, with Katniss wearing a mockingjay pin throughout the series. The look pays tribute to the significance of the mockingjay by incorporating a heavy winged silhouette.

If you’re an avid Hunger Games fan, this tutorial is a great way to emulate Katniss’s fierce post-Capitol look.