These Feminist Taylor Swift Tweets are Empowering

 - Jun 21, 2013
References: social.entertainment.msn & twitter
These ‘Feminist Taylor Swift’ tweets are not only hilarious because they draw attention to how heartbreaking and distressed the pop singer’s lyrics are, they are also empowering because they focus on the basic need for gender equality. This Twitter account is necessary because Taylor Swift has a massive following of young female fans who form real attachments to the words she sings. The problem with this is that Taylor's lyrics focus heavily on her need to be accepted and loved by men -- there is more to life than that.

This Feminist Taylor Swift account is witty and totally positive. With 97,000 followers who constantly retweet revamped lyrics, like: "I bet you think I’ve either moved on or hate you / ‘Cause people assume feminists hate men / Even though everyone has a stake in equality," or "and,I’ll also have a career story / And some friendship stories / And some other stories / But this is a love story /Baby just say yes," it is hard not to feel empowered and positive.