Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' Music Video Features Her Star-Studded Squad

 - May 19, 2015
Singer/songwriter Taylor Swift released her 'Bad Blood' music video ahead of the 2015 Billboard Music Awards earlier this week.

Like the innovations on this list, the 'Bad Blood' music video has collected a lot of attention. Taylor Swift is a pop star who has reached icon status so classic songstress art and lyrical texting apps are innovations that are equipped with her territory. Much liker her celebrity BFF cover, Swift's latest music video also features model Karlie Kloss as well as many other members from her celebrity circle. This list also includes an array of Swift-featuring editorials where the singer showcases many sides of her signature style. However, in this riveting music video, the songstress displays a more edgy look.

Directed by Taylor Swift, the 'Bad Blood' music video is continuing to make rounds on social media.