- Jun 26, 2013
Retro styling is continuing to make a huge comeback in modern day fashion collections, and these sultry pin-up girl spreads are bringing back that nostalgic vintage look that female models used to showcase back in the day.

Pin-up girls were the types of models that gained worldwide recognition and popularity based on their classically feminine looks and styling, which is why there should be no surprise as to why modern retailers are utilizing this classic reference to promote their clothing. By referencing that classic vintage appeal with a flirty and sometimes edgy vibe, these pin-up fashion spreads are showcasing the models in a much more prominent and eye-catching manner.

From retro pin-up photography to playful pin-up shoots, these retro-inspired fashion spreads are allowing a whole new generation of youths to experience what a classic pin-up girl used to look like.

From Flirty Pin-Up Catalogs to Pin-Up Graffiti Girls: