The Latest Schmuck Magazine Editorial Explores a Different Beauty

Schmuck Magazine is always great for putting a modern, glamorous woman in a powerful situation. While Schmuck Magazine's last spread featured a modern dominatrix mistress, the current one has gone a little further back on the fashion history line, all the way back to the 1950s.

For their latest feature, Schmuck Magazine has their heroine playing a car mechanic with a drifting romantic eye. The most important and intriguing part of the spread is the fabulous tattoos. She is a diva dressed in silk with Marilyn Monroe hair, pin-up girl makeup and badass biker chick tattoos.

While the key tattoo reads "Handle with Care," the rest are definitely not for a gentle mind.

Accessorized in gentle silver and gold jewelry, the heroine of the Schmuck Magazine editorial is hard at work fixing vintage cars.