666photography Has Handmade Costumes, Props & Burlesque Tattoos

 - Jun 30, 2009
References: 666photography
666photography has clever vintage ideas, beautifully mixing old and new styles. With the help of old-school theater style sets, hand-painted backdrops and retro costumes, 666photography is able to transform anyone into the ideal pin-up girl. Tattoos, as shown by the ladies here, are unique accessories that give the photos a modern twist.

Gayla is one of the leading photographers in the studio, and is responsible for all of the creative ideas at 666photography from start to finish. Lisa Naeyaert is a visionary force behind the makeup. When you look closely at the images, you will notice the precise attention to detail, lighting and colours. Apparently ink and burlesque go hand in hand these days. Tattoos seem to be a new way of expressing yourself, and these photos show the love for an amazing retro era.