Nadja Bender Showcases Vibrant Retro Beach Fashion for Muse Magazine

Retro beach fashion has taken over this summer's swimsuits, with everything from pin-up girl one pieces to funky, hippie-inspired bikinis hitting the pool. However, styles from the 90s have not appeared in this mix of vintage designs -- until now.

The 'Nadja the Real Thing' editorial for Muse Magazine showcases the stunning and sporty Nadja Bender wearing fun and vibrant 90s-inspired swimsuits. Each design features a lot of denim, neon and crop tops, a clear nod to a decade bursting with bright colors and athletic looks. One outfit in particular is reminiscent of the 1990s. It consists of a knee-length denim dress, knee-high tennis socks and a pink visor, complete with a french braid poking angularly from its top. The loose-fitting feel of this ensemble, combined with its lightheartedness and comfortability make this the perfect demonstration of 90s-inspired fashion with a modern twist.

It might not seem like the 90s are vintage quite yet, but it's already been 14 years since the late 90s. Perhaps the fashions prevalent in this decade are beginning to permeate the fashion industry as younger people begin to view the 90s as an era full of hip, vintage fashions.