Keep the 80s Alive with the Cassette to iPod Converter

 - Sep 7, 2012
References: macdaddynews & hammacher
For all those still clinging to their Dance Mix cassette tapes hoping that the 8-track will make a turn around, the Cassette to iPod Converter will help bring your treasured oldies into the new era.

If you are a prodcut of the 80s or early 90s, cassette tapes were a staple in your household. Time and effort was spent searching out your favourite bands, rewinding the tape once it was done, recording and re-recording your tunes from various radio stations to make the ultimate party mix. Too much time was spent making mixes to just throw the tapes away on a whim. The Cassette to iPod Converter allows you to stay relevant with technology and relive the good old days by having your cassette tunes directly transferred to your iPod or iPhone in mp3 format. It is small enough to be carried around and compared to some cassette players in the 80s, the size is not at all an issue.

All it takes is an app on your phone to convert the files, your cassette tapes and a little bit of patience -- you will be jamming in no time.