The Rewind Desk Tidy Pencil Holder is Retro Styled

 - Feb 27, 2013
References: iwantoneofthose & 7gadgets
Instead of letting pencils and pens roll around on the desk loosely, getting lost and falling off the edges all the time, keep them all in one place with the Rewind Desk Tidy pencil holder.

Shaped like a retro cassette tape, the Rewind even incorporates loose tape rolls as part of its design, giving them the impression of being rewindable cassette spools. In all-black with a blue and white label, this desk organizer is for the person who still has nostalgic memories about the times of mixtapes and fast-forwarding with a pencil.

Cute and compact, the Rewind Desk Tidy pencil holder will keep up to 30 pens and other small office supplies tidy.