The YMS Hairstyle Salon by Kitsch Nitsch is Colorfully Eyepopping

 - May 23, 2012
References: kitsch-nitsch & itsnicethat
As though straight out of the '90s, the YMS hairstyle salon is colorfully eyepopping and full of crazy, abstract shapes and patterns. An offshoot of the Mič Styling chain and located in Slovenia, the beauty shop will be visited as much for its interior design and decor as it will be for the fantastic service and hairstyles they provide. Patrons will feel like they have just traveled in time and this nostalgic connection will do wonders for business.

Conceived by a design duo known simply as Kitsch Nitsch, the YMS hairstyle salon is not only comprised of fun wall decor, but also seven different custom-made mirrors and a funkily shaped sofa and coffee table to add to the wildness of the overall theme. The YMS hairstyle salon is wonderfully immersive and completely hipster.