The Retro-Bit Handheld Gensesis for Sega Nerds Everywhere

 - Oct 4, 2009   Updated: Aug 10 2011
References: seganerds & crunchgear
Handheld gaming has come a long way, mostly resulting in high resolution new-fangled gadgets. The handheld Genesis puts the kibosh on that theme, however, and replaces it with economical portable entertainment.

The handheld Genesis comes with 20 classic games (Sonic!) and decent functionality all for a pricetag under $50. You can't say that about PSP.

If you're a megadork, or if you know one, the handheld Genesis could be your new best portable friend.

Implications - But it's probably unfair to judge. Not only does the Retro-Bit Handheld Genesis connect consumers with their childhoods, but it also serves as a special alternative to the expensive new-age handheld gaming devices.