The Nike 2010 Spring Air Carnivore is Like a Time Machine for Your Feet

 - Apr 8, 2010
References: wishatl & hypebeast
You want the 90s? You got the 90s! The Nike 2010 Spring Air Carnivore offers more retro than you can shake a Discman at. Once a very popular cross trainer, this shoe is being given the chance to see the light once again. So, put on that Savage Garden album, tie up those Mod Robes and go get yourself a pair now!

Now I know you have been secretly yearning for some quality footwear that has a turquoise/zebra patterned color scheme. Don't be ashamed; so have I. The Nike 2010 Spring Air Carnivore is more than just a flashy piece of nostalgia, it is actually probably one of the most durable runners you'll ever own--just look at that sole! I wonder what else they're going to bring back from that decade? Fingers crossed for Cherry Coke!