Neon Stockyards Collection of Authentic 90s Neon Clothing

 - Nov 7, 2012
References: etsy
Remember the glory days when Saturday mornings were spent loafing around the house in bright neon clothing watching cartoons or playing with your Super Nintendo? Neon Stockyards will bring you back to the simpler times. Every item Neon Stockyards carries is true to the era, and was originally produced sometime between 1986-1996. This was a time when quality materials, careful workmanship, and expression through color and geometry were highly valued in the fashion industry.

Neon Stockyard’s collection of nostalgic neon clothing is loaded with color and is primed for Winter 2012/2013 with a large selection of authentic 90s neon jackets! Some vintage labels Neon Stockyards carries include Body Glove, Bugle Boy, Fila Gotcha, Hot Sand, Ispo, Ocean Pacific, Sun Ice, Surf Style, TA, Tommy Hilfiger, Vuarnet France and many more iconic brands from the new wave and early 90s era.