From Insane Cereal Revamps to Cute Gamer Characters

 - Feb 6, 2013
The use of mascots in marketing dates way back to the beginning of official advertising. In those days, mascots were portrayed in pretty much the same way they are now: they were easy to relate to, very cheery and had some sort of memorable catch phrase.

Since then, mascots have secured a place in the average consumer's hearts; however, in today's society, it's not enough for a mascot to simply be nice. Generation Y likes their mascots edgy. With this in mind, many modern artists and companies have taken to making mascot remixes wherein familiar characters, such as Tony the Tiger or the Mario Brothers, receive an update.

This makes mascots all the more easy to relate to. Though the mascot remixes range from morbid to endearing, they all serve to make these caricatures a little more likable.