College Humor's Alex Watt Shows us Life After Cereal Promoting

 - Feb 5, 2013
References: foodiggity & incrediblethings
College Humor's Alex Watt gives the audience a glimpse into the hypothetical lives of cartoon mascots once their careers have ended. I'm sure many remember being young and being overly ecstatic to see the equally cheerful and colorful cartoon characters peddling children's cereal on TV screens.

In a move that may in fact ruin the way you'll ever look at them again, each of the posters made by Alex Watt show the beloved mascots hitting the bottle a little too hard. Just like washed up celebrities, it seems that cartoon representatives can also fall down the same unfortunate path.

Take positive and encouraging Tony the Tiger for example. Ever since he discovered a new-found love for tequila, he thinks everyone is "ggreeeaaat" in same way that everyone suddenly loves every Tom, Dick and Harry who happen to walk into the bar.