Giuseppe Veneziano Re-Imagines Greek Mythology with a Twist

 - Aug 23, 2011
References: & kuriositas
Those who are familiar with the story of Perseus and Medusa will either find Giuseppe Veneziano's sculpture shocking or hilarious.

Giuseppe Veneziano is an Italian artist who has re-imagined the story of Perseus and Medusa. Long story short, the hero beheads the monster which inspired Antonio Canova to create a sculpture out of it. Veneziano has taken that art piece and decided to give it his own twist by replacing Medusa with the head of Ronald McDonald. The fast food mascot is depicted with his head decapitated in a more horrifying manner than the original sculpture because you can see blood streaming from his neck -- consider yourself avenged if you've ever been disappointed by a Happy Meal.

For those who are curious, the sculpture is located in Venice, Italy.