From Gruesome Zombie Dolls to Obese Fast Food Clowns

 - Jun 26, 2013
Playthings such as teddy bears and dolls are often items that help keep kids feeling safe and secure at night, these creepy children's toys however, are designed with frightening and spooky references that will surely give any child who sees them a nightmare.

These visually unsettling toys are definitely not the best option to give to impressionable young toddlers, but they might be the perfect gift for adults looking to showcase their appreciation for spooky horror movies and frightening themes. From zombie-inspired plush toys to disturbingly villainous clown characters, these creepy children's toys will certainly have kids running in the opposite direction.

A great idea for a gag gift or simply for a collection of spooky toys, these creepy playthings will definitely have anyone who seems them squirming uncomfortably.