Ron English MC SUPERSIZED Figure Smiles Terrifyingly

 - Jul 8, 2011
References: popaganda & freshnessmag
Ronald McDonald's crazy height and freaky clown makeup has always been a frightening sight for me -- until I saw the Ron English MC SUPERSIZED figure.

OK, so most of you have seen the Ron English MC SUPERSIZED right? But this is a different variant because this time it's colored, not translucent like its predecessor -- plus, it's got some additional touches courtesy of WHIZ and Secret Base. This makes the freakishly happy smile all the more terrifying; but I suppose with the social commentary behind this, that's the point. The face is made over with red and white makeup while the clothing takes on a blue, red and white color scheme instead of the trademark yellow uniform of Ronald McDonald.

If you thought Ronald McDonald was scary, the Ron English MC SUPERSIZED will make him look like a teddy bear. I'm sure you'd rather get a happy meal from the former.