Psychotic Handcrafted Objects are Maniacally Morbid

 - Jun 10, 2009   Updated: Jun 14 2011
References: flickr & likecool
Andieman26 has posted these on his Flickr account and now people might be questioning his sanity.

These blood-soaked knitted toys have some of the oddest themes, from carrots killing rabbits to unicorns killing teddy bears. This collection is truly outrageous.

Honestly, who would you make these morbid creations for? I guess it could be a good way to get rid of all that built up rage.

Implications - While many children's toys are associated with lighthearted messages and harmless imagery, there is a growing market of childlike products that are appealing to a more adult generation. Adults are commonly the people buying toys for children, and with such there is a growing number of consumers who appreciate adult undertones within products that were once restricted to children.