The Airborne Microbes Screaming Diseases are Fun to Spread

 - Nov 2, 2012
References: thegreenhead
Germs can be fun with the Airborne Microbes Screaming Diseases.

These stretchy toys are wickedly disgusting with their slimy looking tentacles. They are actually designed after microscopic images of real germs including E. Coli, which looks more like a giant creepy crawly with hundreds of legs all over its body, and the Common Cold which is green and lumpy. Both of these highly contagious diseases come with a stretchy band that is perfect for launching them off your finger and throwing them as far as you can. As they fly through the air, the toys let out little shouts like "cough cough" and "achoo!"

Even if you get the flu shot this season, there is no reason not to catch the Airborne Microbes Screaming Diseases.