The Ron English X-Ray Mc Super is Incredibly Creepy

 - Oct 13, 2011
References: & freshnessmag
The new Ron English X-Ray Mc Super is freakishly translucent, baring all insides to the public.

Ron English has made several versions of his Mc Super figures already, and he's teamed up with Secret Base and Toy Tokyo for this particular model. Overall, the design stays true to the artist's rendition of Ronald McDonald as an obese clown with a terrifying smile. This time, the Ron English X-Ray Mc Super sticks with the mascot's original yellow, red and white outfit. One version depicts the figure with one side completely colored and the other translucent revealing his anatomy comprised of bones and burgers. The second version depicts a full-colored figure.

This eerie figure is not the guy you want to buy a Happy Meal from.