The Infrared RC USB Centipede is the King of Creepy Crawlies

 - Jan 14, 2013
References: & japantrendshop
Definitely not a toy for those who are squeamish towards insects, the remote-controlled Infrared RC USB Centipede is a giant robotic creepy crawly.

The little remote control looks like a red egg that lets the big bugs run around your floor, turn corners and avoid objects. It works at a range of up to six meters, or you can choose to let the centipedes roam freely of their own accord, freaking out your mom and anyone else caught unaware. Charged through any USB port, their power lasts for around twenty minutes, giving you plenty of time to wreak havoc and cause distress.

The Infrared RC USB Centipede comes in Chinese Red Head with a green body, and Indian Tiger Centipede that has orange and black stripes all down its body.