From Hairless Iconic Dolls to Double Headed Dolls

 - Jul 11, 2013
While most people grow up having fond memories of playing with plush toys and adorable figurines, these creepy children's dolls are definitely not the types of toys you would want your precious little ones to play with.

Ordinarily children's dolls consist of cute and adorable characters with chic accessories and multiple wardrobes, but these creepy versions however, are targeted more towards adults who want something eerie and eclectic to add to their collections. Definitely not suitable for impressionable youngsters, these creepy children's dolls feature all sorts of macabre references and frightening images that even adults will be weary of.

From unsettling newborn figurines to disfigured and double headed creations, these creepy children's dolls will certainly provide a scary sight in any home.