'Doll-arama' by Fausta Facciponte is More Creepy than Cute

 - Apr 2, 2012
References: greenrabbits & lifelounge.au
More creepy than cute, the photo series titled 'Doll-arama' by Fausta Facciponte centers around portraits of playthings. Each doll was found at thrift shops and dollar stores. The Canadian contemporary emerging artist cleverly named the series after a popular dollar store chain in Canada.

Despite their expressionless faces and static stare, the dolls in the series Doll-arama by Fausta Facciponte are somehow brimming with emotion. The close-up shots force the audience to stare into their eyes, powerlessly projecting their own feelings into those plastic irises. Facciponte writes, "The images are printed larger than life, confronting the viewer with an underlying and haunting beauty that is sometimes overlooked because of their monetary devalue." This is a thought-provoking photo project.