From Best Friend Feline Photography to Accessorized Kitty Captures

 - May 5, 2013
With the amount of cat lovers out there publicly proclaiming their undeniable admiration for their furry friends, it was only a matter of time before this love translated into the artistic world, and these feline-inspired portraits wonderfully showcases how the popularity of cats is continuing to spread.

Cats are able to capture an innocent yet strong visual appearance, whether it is because of their nonchalant facial expressions or quirky demeanour. These wonderful portraits and photographs utilize cats as their source of inspiration, showcasing them in all sorts of random and unusual settings and environments. From portraits that compare cuddly felines to popular TV characters to paintings that replicate viral Internet cat sensations, these feline-inspired artworks demonstrate the immense and continually growing popularity of cats worldwide.

Anyone who loves their cats and aren't afraid to tell the world will definitely want to hang one of these fantastic feline portraits on their walls at home.