Strays by Arne Svenson Showcases Backwards Cat Photography

 - Apr 7, 2013
References: arnesvenson & faithistorment
Cute kitten videos and funny cat pictures flood the web because people just can't get enough of these adorable critters, yet in the 'Strays' cat photography project by Arne Svenson, the viewer is denied access to the feline faces they crave to see.

All of the cats in this photo series are turned around, facing a completely different direction than the camera, and as the artist statement explains, some are turned so far that it looks like their faces have been replaced with a head of fur. A green screen provides a wide range of bright and charismatic backgrounds to contrast with the cats and make it seem like they are lost in the patterned world behind them.

While most people can't get enough of cat photography, Arne Svenson changes up the game with backward-facing kitties.