Theresa Knudson Takes Her Feline Friend on a Photographic Adventure

 - Mar 2, 2011
References: flickr & whatthecool
Photographer Theresa Knudson has two favorite things in this world; her cat Fluffy and taking photographs. In this mini series, Theresa Knudson takes her four-legged friend for an imaginary picture adventure, combining her two favorite things into one adorable photographic spread that is sure to make you smile. Positioned on a blue carpet, Fluffy engages with the handmade props that Theresa Knudson has crafted out of construction paper and string.

The pictures looked beyond fun to shoot and it's a mystery how Fluffy was able to stay in perfect position for Knudson to shoot this awesome set. I guess that's what happens when a feline and its owner have a bond as close as the one that Theresa Knudson and Fluffy obviously have. I think I want to buy a cat.