Andy Prokh Captures His Daughter Katherine and Their Lovely Cat

 - May 1, 2013
References: photodom & enpundit
Few people are able to resist a good set of cat photography captures and this collection by Russian photographer Andy Prokh are over-the-top cute. Featuring his daughter Katherine and their cat LiLu Blue Royal Lada, the photography series has been going on for several years and tracks the adorable scenarios the two friends have been captured in.

Prokh's photography series is truly an experience to look through because it follows the two friends as they grow together; Katherine starts off as a toddler and grows into a young girl, while LiLu Blue Royal Lada transforms from kitten to cat. There are various scenes of them singing songs, sketching each other and just hanging out enjoying a glass of milk, which are just a few of the capture you're sure to fall in love with.