Daniel Borris' Yoga Kitten Series is Cute and Full of Zen

 - Apr 5, 2011
References: yogadogz & bumbumbum.me
Photographer Daniel Borris came across Yoga with animals one day when he noticed his friend Joy had a dog that loved to join her during her Yoga routines. The dog, whose name is Otis, was able to mimic the poses Joy was creating and through time, was able to pull off more advanced maneuvers.

Daniel Borris decided to come up with a photography series that captured these animals finding their inner peace. After a successful dog series, Borris took his photography and photo manipulation to cats and kittens and put them in cute and fun poses.

Of course, the photographs have been photoshopped--but Daniel Borris does a great job of making you believe these tiny felines are able to pull off moves most humans can barely do.