Snoopy the Cat Photos are Adorable and Addictive

 - Aug 21, 2012
References: cutestpaw & complex
Internet sensation Snoopy the Cat has becoming an overnight celebrity and it's pretty obvious why. Snoopy is probably the most adorable cat I've ever seen, thanks to her unnaturally huge eyes.

Snoopy the cat is an Exotic Shorthaired cat with an overzealous owner that loves to dress her up in outfits and take numerous photos of the adorable kitty every day. This cat has quickly become one of the most popular cats in the world, mainly in China. There is something almost cartoonish about the cat's enormous eyes that makes it seem like she has been photoshoped to appear like an anime character.

The cats owner has put up a collection of 50 photos of Snoopy in a number of different "aww-inspiring" poses that are sure to make you want to cuddle this chubby kitty -- or at least, make you want to borrow some of her killer accessories.