This Star Wars Luxury Brand Mash-Up Brings Nerds & Fashionistas Together

Relive the final moments of the death star exploding in style by checking out these Star Wars luxury brand photos. These LEGO Star Wars characters look fresh as ever when paired with the finest brands around.

Darth Vader looks like a god when he stands strong in front of the famous Chanel logo and C-3PO will only wear the latest and greatest fashions as he poses in front of the Louis Vuitton brand. His gold appearance compliments the background so well that Louis Vuitton should consider making him its mascot. The hairy warrior Chewbacca gives us his best model face while modeling with the Tory Burch logo.

These Star Wars Luxury mash-ups will hopefully inspire George Lucas to make some more Star Wars movies, only this time there will be a lot more product placement.