- Feb 7, 2014
Those looking to warm up without having to compromise their geekiness will want to check out all of these Star Wars winter wear finds. The Star Wars brand has gotten heavy into fashion as of late, releasing a large collection with Adidas and a number of officially-licensed items from smaller makers. Nowadays, those who sport Star Wars clothing are thought of as fashionable, not geeky (maybe).

These Star Wars winter wear finds include sweaters, robes slippers and much, much more. Whether you brave the snow outside or just the chilliness that envelops you indoors when you aren't covered in blankets, Star Wars has you covered. Just make sure you shove your wookie coat in the closet come summer, although the Boba Fett hoodie should be good to go all year.

From Sleek Sci-Fi Apparel to Furry Wookie Robes: