Relax in the Jedi Bath Robe After a Hard Days Work

 - Oct 29, 2011
References: thinkgeek & materialicious
The robes the Jedi's wore in the popular Star Wars series did look comfortable, and now you can try them for yourself with the Jedi Bath Robe.

The robes that the mighty warriors wore in the Star Wars universe can now be worn by anyone who has a couple bucks to spare. Much like what's seen in the movies, the robes are over-sized, brown, have a large hood and on the left there's the Jedi logo embedded onto it. This is made from super soft cotton terrycloth, so comfort in this case really isn't a concern. The Jedi Bath Robe is also an official Star Wars licensed product, so this is the real deal.

In addition to the Jedi Bath Robe, there's also the option of the Sith Lord Robe. Which side will you choose?