The Dave Murray 'Beer Series' is Hip and Sophisticated

The Dave Murray 'Beer Series' is hipster-approved, but sophisticated enough to jazz up any bar or den. The Toronto-based designer created this series as a tribute to his favorite brews, from the popular Japanese Sapporo brand to the lesser-known Molson Stock Ale. Murray re-imagined the cans and bottles in a cubist Picasso-inspired style, resulting in illustrations that look almost collage-like. My favorite is definitely the Pabst Blue Ribbon can, which brings the familiar North American hipster drink of choice to high art status.

Beer-drinkers young and old will love the Dave Murray Beer Series for the tongue-in-cheek humor and quirkiness, as well as the intelligent designs. Murray is incredibly talented and creates pop art that can be appreciated by a wide audience. This series and others are currently available to purchase through his online store.