From Canned Yogurt Packaging to Bovine Milk Carton Branding

 - Aug 15, 2014
These dairy branding examples range from bovine milk carton designs to canned yogurt packages. Whether highlighting unique and artful carton branding or exploring milk packaging that is a nod to nostalgia, this list is sure to appeal to lovers of design as well as those with an interest in fresh and modern marketing techniques.

Standouts from this list of dairy branding examples include Kemps' dairy packaging that takes a literal approach to selling milk products. The bottle design is displayed in a cow shape and is a favorite of kids and parents alike.

Another great example from the list is designer Michela Monterosso's minimalist packaging design that is inspired by vintage milk bottles. These glass bottle packages feature a simplistic look and are accented with Japanese text and colorful circle motifs.