Mook Powdered Milk Packaging is Simple, Symbolic and Scrumtious

 - Jul 11, 2012
References: 01134 & lovelypackage
Dairy products seem to serve up some of the most endearing brand identity concepts and Mook Powdered Milk packaging is no exception. Of course, the notion of granular skimmed milk may not seem appealing to everyone yet the appearance of this item's envelope is enough to entice even the choosiest consumers.

For the most part, caterers are the primary purchasers of this sort of product and people in that profession come across an abundance of different brands. To convert a cook to a customer is a great business accomplishment! Concerning the appearance, the simple logo and the cutesy black patched pattern of these satchels surely stand out amidst competing goods. Designed by Hello, Mook Powdered Milk packaging even references the plump dairy cow with a chubby typeface and an utter-shaped letter O.