Pau Puig Vázquez Designs Onlymilk's New Packaging

 - Jul 14, 2011
References: paupuig & lovelypackage
I may be lactose intolerant, but these Onlymilk milk cartons by Pau Puig Vázquez are eye-pleasing enough that I'd like to buy a few even though I won't end up drinking any of it.

These ultra simplistic milk cartons by Pau Puig Vázquez are extremely clean and pristine looking, and for a good reason; Pau Puig Vázquez wanted to highlight the purity of milk. Design-savvy individuals will also notice the different weights of each letter, which illuminates the grades of each of the milks.

Implications - As North American society becomes increasingly complex due to an unstable technological and economic climate, consumers are turning to product packaging that will alleviate stress as opposed to adding to it. As such, simple designs with minimal information is fairing much more favorably than products with cluttered packaging.