Digital Remains

 - Mar 3, 2008
We live in a world where computers, internet, portable media players, and wireless handheld devices are a vital part of our life and identity. Our data is stored on remote networks, creating digital archives of entire generations of people. So What will happen to all of this information when we or a loved one passes away?Digital Remains by Michele Gauler is concerned with the role data plays when we remember deceased people. A new way of mourning by using technology if you will. Digital Remains is featured at the Design and the Elastic Mind Exhibition, Museum of Modern Art, NYC, 2008.

Gauler's design uses elegant personal access keys (see pictures below) to remotely log on (via bluetooth) to the digital remains of a person (on a computer, internet, mp3 player, mobile phone...) and receive their data on our own digital devices. Based on data tags and meta data, search algorithms dig through a deceased person's data, presenting us with content that is most likely relevant to us. For instance, a photograph from a holiday we spent with the person 10 years ago or the person's favourite piece of music which they typically listened to while writing e-mails, evoking the presence of the deceased.