'Shrines and Caskets' by Phlegm Displays Death in a Stylistic Way

Shrines and Caskets by Phlegm is the latest piece from the UK-based artist.

This time, Shrines and Caskets by Phlegm depicts a fairly grim image of death. The mural shows two scrawny hooded individuals holding up a casket with a skeleton inside. What really brings out the theme of death is the surrounding environment that adds more to the piece. Like many of Phlegm's pieces, this one is also done up in black and white, which is perfectly suited for the concept of this brilliantly executed mural.

Shrines and Caskets will be one of the many artworks that will be incorporated into the photographic edition of his zine Phlegm Comic. So for those who are a little impatient, this piece should satisfy your cravings for now.

Implications - With each major Hollywood studio attempting to launch a new franchise superhero every month the acceptance of comic books and street art, things previously thought as deviant, increases. Companies that can harness the energy of comic book art and graffiti artists can capitalize on the public's newfound fervor for all things counterculture by creating artwork or products that directly appeal to their comic book artists.