Estela A Cuadro Illustrates A Fantasy Circus World

 - Dec 21, 2011
References: estelacuadro & beautifuldecay
Estela A. Cuadro is a 32-year-old artist from Argentina who illustrates expansive and colorful scenes from carnivals using pens and watercolor backdrops.

Her work is evocative, her busy images take root in a viewer's mind slowly. Her work shows the deft penmanship and focused strokes of an experienced artist. Estela A. Cuadro draws on several artistic influences for her work, including cubism, abstract elements, and surrealism. Each add a layer of sophistication to an already highly sophisticated work.

My favorite illustration in Estela A. Cuadro's collection showcases a mysterious woman in a long, blue nightgown that covers the entire canvas. Her dress is so long that it appears she is on stilts, and her hair is large and wildly colored. She stares out of view as a cavalcade of colors and energies swarm around her, giving her the aura of an evil witch or other nefarious woman. The image is engrossing and full of life -- two distinct hallmarks of Estela A. Cuadro's work.