The Kolotoc 'Merry-Go-Round' Project is Amusement via Advertisements

 - Jan 23, 2012
References: sgnlr & thecuriousbrain
When a group of artists decide to hijack a giant display of urban advertisement you get the Kolotoc 'Merry-Go-Round', and it definitely isn't just your average amusement park ride but a swing that makes a social statement.

Czech artists Vojtech Frohlich, Ondrej Mlady, Jan Simanek and Vladimer Turner put on a playful performance by combining courage and carabiners with a rotating billboard. Using the maintenance ladder the crew rigged up makeshift wooden swings during broad daylight hours and adorned them with balloons to enhance the carnival-style experience.

It's a shame the Prague display isn't something that can be a common sight in countries around the world, but the Kolotoc 'Merry-Go-Round' gains an advantage point for the artists in the war between creativity and commercialization. This clever crew would no doubt win in a swing vote!