Michael Hussar Depicts Devilish and Surreal Carnival Workers

 - Nov 9, 2011
References: michaelhussar.biz & sweet-station
Michael Hussar doesn't need to wait until Halloween to tap into the twisted and, frankly speaking, scary parts of the human mind. He's been doing it for years in the name of art with these sinister looking paintings depicting goth-themed figures in circus wear.

The pale faces, the splashes of red, the warped anatomical proportions, these are all things ever present in most Michael Hussar paintings. It's amazing how his incorporation of a reddish hue can invoke blood in all its various states in order to unnerve viewers in simultaneously unpleasant, but stimulating ways.

If you're finding yourself wincing from the sight of these illustrations, it's probably best you stay clear of Michael Hussar's personal website. He litters his webpages with equally disturbed imagery throughout. For those curious and brave enough however, I totally recommend it.