From Purple Punk Editorials to Bold Multi-Ethnic Campaigns

 - Jul 24, 2013
While many people enjoy to change up their look with colored hair, the fashion community is seeing more and more locks ditching the typical blonde, red and brown dye hues for technicolor pastel colors. The results are a mix of magical My Little Pony-inspired hues that whimsically range from bubblegum pink to creamsicle orange.

Colored hair the shade of pastel Crayons is a creative way to change up one's look and make a bold hair statement. While many might think choosing a pastel hue would be too outrageous, pastel hair dyes actually have a softer and lighter look than most would expect.

Especially with colors like purple and turquoise, pastel hair dyes typically leave a gradient effect look that even works well in the popular ombre-style. From draping blue haired editorials to sublime citrus editorials, these pastel-colored hair looks are eccentrically unusual.